Steemit is attracting professionals from all around the world. This is your who’s who guide for those that want to be followed.

@neopatriarch Introduction I'm a Bible believing Christian, Family man, bank hating, Bitcoin enthusiast. Recovering patriot, pro-freemarket. Art, Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Politics, Religion
@shadowspub Patti A 55+ Canadian who enjoys reading, learning and writing. I have a passion for community service. Our communities are as good as those who give to them. I am a member of the Royal Canadian Legion and take "They serve until death, why not we?" as my motto of service. Business, Crypto-Currencies, Food, Life, History, News, Politics, Religion, Society, Writing
@steve-walschot Steve Dedicated developer, creator of Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies
@allasyummyfood Alla I am Alla. I am a chef, blogger and youtuber. I post about food, statistics, life, business, traveller, steemit and random things! And of course food porn! Business, Food, Life, Society, Steem, Travel, Video
@daxon Allan Dixon Adventurer, TED speaker and Animal Whisperer. Figured out how to use my camera to create content that companies want to buy off me. Art, Crypto-Currencies, Life, Photography, Steemit, Travel, Video
@Kreativ Kreativ I am a copywriter/writer by trade. However, I am not your regular copywriter. I don't do cheesy sales lines. Loves art, dogs, wine, nature and writing. Business, Life, Gold, History, Travel, Writing
@brianphobos Brian Phobos I am an Internet entrepreneur based out of Arizona. I also have a passion for sports, fitness, computers, and the outdoors. Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Life, Photography, Steem, Steemit, Travel
@wakeupnd Wake Up ND I'm a Regular Joe/citizen journalist with a goal of waking people up to the dire situations we face in the world controlled by central bankers. Business, Economics, Globalist, Gold, Guns, History, Politics, Religion
@zaebars Maya Marinero Last 5 years I constantly live on a boat and move from one country to another. Photography, Sailing, Steemit, Travel
@pressfortruth Dan Dicks I've been doing what I do with Press For Truth for 10 years started out as activism, which turned to journalism which evolved into documentary film making and now I run a full time operation based out of Vancouver Canada trying to do everything I possibly can to engage the global elite head on as we enter into the era of the new world order! News, Politics, Society
@corbettreport James Corbett Living and working in Japan since 2004. He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. History, News, Politics, Society
@lukewearechange Luke Rudkowski Founder of WeAreChange, if you haven’t heard from us we are a fully independent news organization that has faced and confronted the most sinister corrupt bankers and politicians. News, Politics
@mikehere Mike Potter Mike has been in the software industry since 1980 and has created over 70 titles including QuickPay for Quicken. Business, Economics, Life, Photography, Travel
@sirwinchester Tony Winchester Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Millionaire, Investor, Programmer, Specialist in Social Media Marketing, Dancer, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, and STEEMER! Art, Life, Music, Photography, Travel, Writing
@dantheman Dan Larimer Co-Founder of BitShares & Steemit - Finding Free Market Solutions to Secure Life, Liberty, and Property. Business, Crypto-Currencies, Steem, Steemit
@charlieshrem Charlie Shrem Bitcoin Pioneer and founder of one of the earliest and largest Bitcoin companies BitInstant. Bitcoin
@rogerkver Roger Ver The first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin startups, and current CEO of Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies
@dollarvigilante Jeff Berwick The founder of The Dollar Vigilante (TDV, an anarcho-capitalist and Austrian economics based financial newsletter. Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, News, Steemit

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