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@ausbitbank Adam I'm a 32yo Aussie developer, crypto enthusiast, trader and father of 2. I write about a huge variety of topics, and develop tools for Steemians! Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Life, Globalist, History, News, Politics, Religion, Society, Steem, Steemit
@steemitpatina steemitpatina Freelance writer, writing business coach, fiction-lover, classic car enthusiast Business, Food, Life, Photography, Travel, Writing
@deviedev Devin NYC attorney focused on environmental and mass tort litigation. Art, Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Life, History, News, Photography, Politics, Steemit, Writing
@hanshotfirst hanshotfirst I'm a geek form the 70s, a dad, a husband and a special education teacher. My goal in writing is to cause the reader to laugh, think, maybe cry and hopefully go hug their kid. Life, Society, Writing
@stephmckenzie Steph McKenzie I'm a published novelist with a new book coming out soon, and have a successful freelance writing business, as well. Hobbies include genealogy, history, reading, watching sci-fi and fantasy TV shows, 80's and 90's TV and music, traveling, vegan cooking, making healthy smoothies, experimenting with superfoods, natural health, rescuing cats, and hanging out with friends and family. You'll find me to be generally cheerful, optimistic, friendly, and easygoing. I'm a second generation hippie! Oh, I also used to teach American Government to college students, and once worked for a U.S. senator. 🙂 Food, Life, History, Politics, Society, Travel, Writing
@steemrollin Jun Dam Founder of Bitcash, a simple digital dollar wallet and MegaX, a decentralized exchange. Both in alpha. Focusing on Bitshares & Steem. Looking to connect with developers and investors for business so please email me at anytime! Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Politics, Steem, Steemit
@bitbutter Tomasz Kaye Animator, propagandist. Creator of George Ought to Help and other anti-political videos. Art, Society, Video, Writing
@good-karma Feruz M eSteem Mobile app developer Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Steem, Steemit
@goingpaper Alex Hi I am a 21 yr old web developer from Australia. I enjoy things like cooking, guitar, creative writing and poker. Expect to see those sorts of things on my page Food, Life
@liondani Daniel Schwarz steem witness,early adopter,steemit enthusiast,investor... My moto: "Inch by Inch, Play by Play" Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Gold, Steem, Steemit
@onetree Gren-Hilda I'm a South African with opinions, just trying to wade through life. Food, Life, History, News, Photography, Politics, Society, Travel
@ines-f Ines Fischer I am an English to German translator whose passions are drawing, photography, all kinds of handiwork. I also used to be very passionate about writing and I appreciate the chance to be writing about things I am interested in here. Art, Life, Photography, Society, Travel, Writing
@lukestokes Luke Stokes Co-Founder and CTO of Passionate about living life on purpose. Interested in Bitcoin. Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Life, Steem, Steemit
@krnel Kris Nelson Studies, contemplates and creates written, audio, video and infographic content about morality, truth, consciousness, the Trivium Method, etymology. Evolve Consciousness and Trivium Method are his websites. Life, Politics, Society, Steemit, Video, Writing
@sgnsteems Sandra I am a single mom, full-time employee, couponer, likes to travel Business, Economics, Food, Music, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Writing
@kendewitt Ken Dewitt I'm Ken Dewitt, author of the recursive science fiction novel, Merwin In The Multiverse. Life, Travel, Writing
@venuspcs Richard Colbert Truck Driving Computer Geek who loves Steemit, Traveling and also writes Poetry, Sci-Fi, Comedy and more! Life, Guns, History, Photography, Religion, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@alitas Alejandra I'm Alejandra (my friends know me as "alitas") and will share my recipes, poems and travel experiences with you on steemit! Food, Life, Travel, Writing
@skypilot Zedekiah Morse I am a pilot, aerial wilderness photographer, explorer and filmmaker. Art, Life, History, Music, Photography, Travel, Video, Writing
@inertia Anthony Martin I used to blog, but I didn't feel like it was going anywhere. My focus was on the eminent economic collapse. You could say that my interest in economics was due to Ron Paul. I got into Liberty Dollar, then it fell apart. Then I got into Bitcoin. And now I'm in steemit. Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Photography, Politics, Religion, Steem, Steemit, Writing

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