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@arthuradamson Arthur Adamson My paintings take a long time to complete due to the complex techniques and colour space I use. I begin with a theme but this is just a starting point. At first it is a battle. The battle is between what is in my imagination and what I can make the paint and paintbrush do. Eventually I realise that in a battle no one wins and so I concede to cooperate. I allow the paint to be paint and the paintbrush to bend to its own will. Even the canvas has its own will. The moment I do this my paintbrush flows freely. From this moment on the painting is no longer about a theme but about a journey. A journey of the outer self, the subconcious self and the soul. A painting is more than mere image but a living organism of captured thoughts that represent the entity that created it.My work is honest rather than clever as honesty will always be more powerful than cleverness. Art, Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Life, Society, Steemit, Writing
@steemitguide steemitguide Malaysia/German Student in pursuit to educate other about Blockchain Technology Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Globalist, News, Steem, Steemit, Writing
@mattclarke Matt Clarke Husband of one, father of three. Social media consultant for a large Australian Telco. Voluntaryist/crypto-anarchist (really excited to see bitcoin pull fiat past the event horizon) Six-day creationist (not for religious reasons, but because it actually happened) I identify as male, with accepted pronouns of he, him and his. Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Life, Guns, Politics, Religion, Society, Steemit
@FreeBornAngel FreeBorn Angel Insurrectionary Anarchist and wealthy Hobo!! Founder of The FreeBorn Society. Life, Globalist, History, News, Politics, Religion, Society
@mrwang mrwang Actor/Artist exploring the dark side of life & love by shining light on our inner demons. Art, Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Food, Life, History, Music, News, Photography, Society, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@christoryan Christopher Ryan Hello all, my name is Ryan~ I enjoy adventures, traveling, laughing, good wine, cheerful company, and a good thrill. Art, Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Life, Globalist, Gold, Music, Religion, Sailing, Society, Steemit
@stevescoins Steve I write about the politics of crime and security...a little about fun stuff like food...and Halloween. I write a LOT about Halloween Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Life, History, Politics, Writing
@christoph3 Christopher S Butler Hello, my name is Christopher Butler and I am a 59 year old business owner from Texas. I love God, guns, and liberty but at times, need to be reminded where I came from... Dust! Guns, News, Politics, Steemit
@iamwne William Ehrendreich Artists, Philosopher, Creative Art, Life, Steem, Steemit, Video
@barcisz Bartek Dziewa I'm a writer and libertarian activist from Poland. I run websites Gazeta Kontrowersyjna and Poniżej Pewnego Poziomu. I also enjoy creating music. On Steemit I write posts in English and sometimes in Polish. Art, Economics, Life, Music, News, Politics, Society, Steemit, Video, Writing
@piedpiper Gabriel Scheare Grew up in Canada and migrated to Chile in 2014. Founding partner of Fort Galt, a new start-up town being developed on the Pacific coast, near Valdivia. Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Society, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@pairmike pairmike I'm here to grow the Steemit Platform. Business, Music, Photography, Steem, Steemit, Travel
@virtualgrowth Virtual Growth Eagle Scout, Entrepreneur, Genius Love Math Philosophy, & Sciences Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Food, Life, Gold, History, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Writing
@sykochica sykochica I've created Steemprentice mentoring group, am a co-host on Steemit Talk Podcast, frequently write lgbt, motivational, and minnow oriented posts. Society, Steemit, Writing
@rossenpavlov Rossen Pavlov Founder of Audiogenetik Ltd Working on film, music, commercial and other multimedia projects involving music and sound. Art, Music, Video
@claudiop63 Claudio Parrinello Former researcher and CERN manager. Serial entrepreneur Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Globalist, Politics, Sailing, Society, Steem, Steemit, Writing
@bitcoinparadise bitcoinparadise Entrepreneur and Enthusiast of anything crytocurrency. Art, Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Food, Life, Gold, History, Music, News, Photography, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@davidbrogan David B Hi! I am a pro pianist and musician active in creating online music courses. I am also a PADI Scuba Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor. Love to blog about life, travel, hiking/mountaineering, outdoor activites, innovation, philosophy, pyschology. Art, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Life, Globalist, Music, Photography, Sailing, Society, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@lordvader lordvader I am a 41 year old widower with 2 children. I have a soul sucking job working in upper management for the government. Because of my job (and specifically my boss) I don’t get to see my kids very much. I’m not sure which of those facts makes me angrier but I get angry ALOT. I searched my feelings and decided that perhaps writing this blog would help me to express my emotions more appropriately. It is far more difficult for me to choke the life out of this keyboard than the morons who work for me. (That made me smile… but no one can tell. That makes me sad). Life, Politics, Society, Writing
@rainchen Rain Chen I learn alot of thing in this world. From survival skill to digital tech , I come from Borneo island , headhunter blood running through my veins , positive person , quite a kind one I think . Do visit my blog if you got some time , I post variety of topic . Art, Crypto-Currencies, Food, Life, News, Photography, Steem, Steemit, Writing

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