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@onealfa Viktoras Radio engineeer. Ham radio - amateur radio. Addicted to crypto currencies, GPS, 2way radio, IT gadgets Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Life, Photography, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Video
@ezzy ezzy Passionate about creating quality stories to thrill, excite, fascinate and most importantly, entertain. I'd love to hear what you think? Life, Writing
@kyle.anderson Kyle Anderson Student at Virginia Tech interested in Synthetic Biology and Decentralization Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Life, News, Politics, Steem, Video, Writing
@mammasitta Silvie N.Beatrix Gypsysoul living and breathing life ! Art, Life, History, Music, News, Photography, Politics, Religion, Society, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@frans10 fran serrano Hi, i'm a spanish lawyer and also I use write about lot themes, lover of the phptography; I hope enjoy of this experience, and all the communnity like my post. Live in spain, and with my proffession gives the well influence for all. Art, Bitcoin, Food, Music, News, Photography, Steemit, Video, Writing
@honusurf Nick Thompson I am from Maui, I am into surfing, bodyboarding, and windsurfing. Art, Bitcoin, Gold, Music, News, Photography, Politics, Steem, Steemit, Video, Writing
@ourlifestory ourlifestory We are a young couple from the Netherlands exploring life! Food, Life, Travel
@anarchyhasnogods AnarchyHasNoGods Anarchist Communist. IWAW and space communism. I post about science and politics. Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, News, Religion, Society
@uwelang Uwe Lang Marketing guy and Steem Explorer - posts include sports, history, beer, marketing, music (Techno / Metal), photography and my ordinary life Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Life, History, Music, News, Photography, Steem, Steemit, Writing
@herverisson H Thomas Former customer service representative, nowadays business analyst, forever writer and dreamer. Art, Crypto-Currencies, Life, Gold, News, Photography, Politics, Society, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@demotruk Demotruk - Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Globalist, Politics, Steem, Steemit, Video
@alexrickard86 @alexrickard86 I like in Cork in Ireland, my interests are cryptocurrencies, photography, video games, travel and i'm a bit of a car enthusiast Business, Crypto-Currencies, Food, Life, Gold, History, News, Photography, Society, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@steevc Steve Clark Geeky fan of open source, cryptography and social media. Professional database developer. Plays guitar for fun Crypto-Currencies, Life, Music, Steemit
@jeanviete Bishop Jean I am Bishop of the Ecumenical Order of the returned Christ Lord Ra-EL Life, Globalist, History, News, Photography, Politics, Religion, Video, Writing
@paolobeneforti Paolo Beneforti Italian artist Art, Life, Politics, Society, Steemit, Writing
@todaysrant2017 Nick Im interested in many subjects and a very open minded person, i love art in all forms. I painting ,pottery,photography,travel and most of all crafts . I make and sell Handmade Natural Products which includes knitwear to leather Goods Im also an avid gardener and grow and sell my own organic produce online. Im new to steemit and Blogging but we all have to start somewhere. Art, Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Food, Life, Globalist, Gold, Guns, History, Music, News, Photography, Politics, Religion, Sailing, Society, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Video, Writing
@tanemahuta Oliver I live in Germany and I've focused my live on independent living as much as it is possible in a high regulated country like I'm living in. The Idea of sharing my thoughts, ideas and technological solutions for living free and independent already existed for a while but I didn't like the option to go on Youtube. But after a friend of mine told me about the Steem-Community and after reading an article about it I came to the conclusion that Steemit is the greatest option for me to share my ideas and livestyle because the platform offers more innovation rather than pure competition. Art, Crypto-Currencies, Gold, Guns, Society, Steemit
@ballinconscious Ballin Conscious I am a musician who is a Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Pianist & I play Digeridoo. I enjoy creating new sounds to to create new expression from within. I am also a hypnotist/hypnotherapist. I help people access their inner resources to acquire any goal they desire. Here is my business account on steemit @hypnosisawaken. You can also contact at for scheduling a hypnosis sessions with me. Art, Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Life, History, Music, News, Photography, Society, Steemit, Travel
@cgame Cristian I work like a cameraman and video editing but i have a big passion for photography Art, Bitcoin, Business, Crypto-Currencies, Economics, Life, Globalist, Photography, Politics, Society, Steem, Steemit, Travel, Video
@arthuradamson Arthur Adamson My paintings take a long time to complete due to the complex techniques and colour space I use. I begin with a theme but this is just a starting point. At first it is a battle. The battle is between what is in my imagination and what I can make the paint and paintbrush do. Eventually I realise that in a battle no one wins and so I concede to cooperate. I allow the paint to be paint and the paintbrush to bend to its own will. Even the canvas has its own will. The moment I do this my paintbrush flows freely. From this moment on the painting is no longer about a theme but about a journey. A journey of the outer self, the subconcious self and the soul. A painting is more than mere image but a living organism of captured thoughts that represent the entity that created it.My work is honest rather than clever as honesty will always be more powerful than cleverness. Art, Bitcoin, Crypto-Currencies, Life, Society, Steemit, Writing

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